How Can You Stay Top of Mind with Your COIs?

By Katie Gilmore

Staying top of mind with your Centers of Influence isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

As your network expands, your ability to spend time face-to-face with each member of it decreases. And as your network becomes more sophisticated and populated with more talented and highly-connected people, it becomes less likely that your network members have time to catch up with you in person or on the phone every month.

Wealth managers can stay top of mind with COIs with these three tips.

So, as your network evolves into a more sophisticated one, how can you stay top of mind with your COIs?  


1. Email newsletter 

Create a consistent, ongoing touchpoint with your COIs by producing an informative, relevant and valuable email newsletter. People check their email constantly, so it’s an easy way to get in front of your COIs on a regular basis.

How do you create an informative, relevant and valuable email newsletter?

  • Use informative content to demonstrate your expertise in wealth management. This could be a market commentary or a synopsis of recent market fluctuations. 

  • Show you are paying attention to what’s happening within the market currently through relevant content. Rather than a look back, like a market commentary, relevant content looks at what’s happening today or going forward. This could be a perspective on anticipated market volatility or a take on a specific area, like bonds. 

  • Include valuable content that speaks to the needs of your shared clients. Valuable content can be an opportunity to address frequently asked questions or to share news about an industry trend. If your COIs are involved in dealmaking, provide a timely synopsis of a recent article on deal trends. 


2. Social media 

Each piece of material that you produce for your email newsletter should be shared on your social media channels. This is an easy win for staying top of mind. 

Simply create a shortened version of your material and blend in a hook to make the post compelling. Be sure to include a relevant image with your social media post, as research has shown users more frequently engage with posts that include an image. Then link back to the material on your blog. 


3. Webinars 

Hosting a webinar is far less expensive than hosting a lunch and learn. With tools like Zoom available, the barrier to entry is now very low. Plus, nearly three-quarters of marketers and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads.

Key Takeaways

These are just three ways that you can stay top of mind with your COIs. Remember, your goal is to remain visible. 

High net-worth clients are not necessarily found through gated content forms or retail lead generation strategies. They are referred to you by another trusted member of their network. Gain these sought-after referrals by staying top of mind with your network.

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