Three Factors for Successful Print Collateral for RIA Firms in the UX Age

By Katie Gilmore, Founder and CEO, KSGilmore Consulting LLC

In an era dominated by digital user experiences, print collateral is often overlooked as outdated or second-tier. Studies show, however, that print marketing is alive, thriving, and, in many cases, essential. A 2018 survey conducted by FedEx Office found that 85% of customers said they are more likely to choose a business if it uses professionally printed collateral. Nine in 10 people surveyed also said the quality of the printed material is an indication of the quality of service the business provides.

Why can print collateral be more effective than other mediums for attracting high net worth clientele? When properly designed and executed, an artful “leave behind” gives literal weight and feel to your brand experience and presents an opportunity to demonstrate your firm’s level of quality. This is an asset for the financial sector, and it can help your firm build trust with clients and COIs in ways that can be difficult to replicate with screens and pixels alone.

If your RIA firm or family office is targeting high net worth families with complex financial and personal goals, then you need to present your firm to them in a sophisticated way.

It’s important to note that not just any printed material will have its intended effect. Execution and attention to detail are crucial. So, what factors help create truly successful printed collateral? 

Three Factors for Successful Print Collateral for RIA Firms

1.) Concept - A folder with a few simple sell-sheets will not do the trick. Your printed collateral must be sophisticated, intentional, and well-crafted to gain trust from prospects and differentiate your firm from the competition. Shape, material, finishes, and design must flow together to create a piece that is truly memorable and supports your brand.

2.) Content - Messaging is equally important. Printed collateral can be your chance to repackage and highlight key content, while gaining extra visibility. Your “leave-behind” will effectively extend your presence with COIs, so it’s important to strike the right tone. Tailored, concise content will be essential in achieving your business development objectives.

3.) Unified Branding - If your firm’s branding begins in the digital realm, print collateral provides an opportunity to tie together the entire brand experience. To achieve this effect, careful consideration must be given to creating a cohesive and professionally-branded look and feel across all platforms. 

Blog post factors for successful print collateral for RIA firms

Successfully combining these elements will allow your firm to fully leverage the power of printed collateral. In turn, it will also help you build trust, stay top-of-mind with COIs, and give your prospects a perfect feel for your firm’s level of quality and the value you bring.

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Katie Gilmore