Relationship Building: An infographic to help you help others

How can you increase visibility in your industry? One way is to engage thought leaders, such as bloggers, reporters and speakers. But how do you get started?

Engaging People Who are Active in Digital Media

This infographic walks you through the basics of relationship building, with an emphasis on engaging thought leaders and influencers that are active in digital media.

Principles to Apply to Any Relationship

While the focus is on visibility, the principles can be applied to any relationship.

  1. Understand what the person wants.
  2. Engage that person in a way that shows you have been listening and are focused on her needs.
  3. Offer to help that person get what they want.
  4. Let that person return the favor by helping you in a similar way.
  5. Help that person again.

This probably seems simple. And it is! That's the great part about relationship building. We can all do it, and if we take the time to know the other person, we can all do it well.

Building relationships KSGilmore Consulting LLC
Building relationships KSGilmore Consulting LLC
Katie Gilmore