What Should Your Landing Page Do?

Is your landing page creating conversions? You may need to revisit what you want your page to do in order to design a path for conversion. Your landing page should be the last stop on your prospect's journey to convert on your call to action. So what is the action that you want the prospect to take? In B2B professional services, this is likely not as simple as adding an item to a shopping cart.

For professional service providers, a call to action may be an engagement method that brings the prospect to connect with you. For example, your call to action may be to sign up for a seminar, webinar or conference where you will be speaking. At that event, you'll have the opportunity through your speaking engagement to demonstrate your expertise and connect with that prospect. From there, you may be able to close on site, or in longer sales cycles, you may be able to then set up a pitch meeting to make the ask for their business.

So how do you get people to take your call to action?

First, make it easy.

Your landing page should not have as many navigation opportunities as the rest of your website. In fact, it should really only offer the specific actions that you want the prospect to take.

So if your desired call to action is to have a prospect attend your next seminar, you might include a brief (25 words max) synopsis and photo of yourself, or a brief video. This shows who you are and what they can expect to see at the event. Then prominently offer the sign-up form or registration link.

But what if they can't make it? If they still want to reach out, you can put a small "contact" block at the bottom of the page. That's it.

Second, send the right message.

How are you driving traffic to your landing page? Ads, Twitter, Email, or hopefully a combination of all of these plus more?

The messages you send set an expectation of what will be found on the landing page. So if you want people to attend your seminar on outsourced IT management, don't put a link to the landing page at the end of a tweet for your latest cat video. Tweet a teaser version of your seminar synopsis and then link to the landing page. Drive the cat traffic to your Tumblr and the prospect traffic to your landing page.


Questions? Send me a message.

Katie Gilmore