CWO: How a Fresh Brand Can Take an RIA Firm to the Next Level

Key Services:
Brand voice and value proposition.
Content production.
Project management.
Website UX development and design.
Print layout and design.
Email marketing.
LinkedIn branding.



The Challenge 

C.W. O’Conner Wealth Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm serving privately held business owners, corporate executives, individuals and their families.

The firm was founded by Cliff O’Conner in 1995, and the CWO team’s multi-industry background provides valuable and practical insights for its business advisory and wealth management services.

Cliff sought to position the firm in the marketplace as a broader team. The firm has a long-standing team providing exceptional client service; however, this fact was not consistently promoted in print collateral or on the CWO website.

In addition, Kevin O’Conner, Cliff’s son, had recently joined the practice. This meant it was time to develop an expanded and modern platform in order to cultivate the next generation of the business.

The CWO team began improving business development processes, generating valuable content and implementing new technology tools to create a stronger operational foundation. Outwardly, the firm needed a brand to reflect its enhanced capabilities while staying true to its values.



The Solution:

The team at KSG supported CWO in creating a comprehensive brand solution. The project began with an in-depth listening session where the team at KSG could learn more about CWO and develop a stronger understanding of their firm. From there, the KSG team crafted a unique value proposition and brand voice for CWO that demonstrated the dedicated team service that the firm has always provided.

Armed with this brand guidance, the KSG team then began developing a professional pitch deck. This pitch deck served as the testing ground for capturing the brand message and the firm’s positioning strategy. As the pitch deck neared completion, the KSG team then was able to take that message and look and carry it across a fresh website, rebranded client portal, COI collateral, email newsletter and LinkedIn presence.  

The result is a brand that is aligned with the business development processes of the firm. The new look instantly elevates the perceived value of working with the entire team at CWO.  











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