Doxly: Content That Does More

Key Services:
Content Development Strategy
Content Production
Project Management
Writing and Editing
Repurposing Strategy

The Challenge 

Doxly transforms the complex, chaotic process of managing legal transactions into a streamlined, efficient process. Doxly’s secure, cloud-based workflow management platform enables law firms to complete their work with visibility and precision in an easy-to-use environment.

Traditionally, attorneys communicate confidential information, often sought by hackers, via unencrypted email with different parties in the transaction process. Doxly identified a unique opportunity to tie a technology-driven rule update from the American Bar Association directly to the need for attorneys to use its platform.

As a rapidly growing start-up, Doxly needed content to support this opportunity, and as importantly, needed that content to do more.


The Solution

The team at KSG supported Doxly in creating a CLE presentation geared toward Doxly’s attorney audience. The presentation included in-depth research and analysis to elevate it into qualifying for Continuing Legal Education credits.

The KSG team also recruited and collaborated with other subject matter experts to gather their content and lend their expertise to the presentation.

From there, we helped Doxly repurpose the content from the CLE presentation into a long-format guide. The guide was used as a key piece of content in Doxly’s lead generation system. It also became the valuable piece of content that Doxly could share with presentation attendees as follow-up material, creating an additional touchpoint for sales.


Finally, the guide was excerpted into a series of blog posts, all driving back to the lead generation system for Doxly.


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