Marketing integration: Turn up the volume on your message

How can people buy from you if they don't know how you can solve their problems? If your marketing tactics are not working together to amplify a cohesive message, then you may need to turn up the volume. One way to do that is with marketing integration.

Marketing integration seems simple. Just make the best use all of your marketing tools to educate your target audience about your service line. Simple, right?

But if your organization has any hint of a silo structure, this may be easier said than done. For example, are all of your advertisements purchased through one budget? And if so, is all of the advertising content reviewed by one person or department? In a large B2B organization, the answers to those questions are likely no.

In a silo system, service lines may be purchasing (and even competing with one another for) similar ad space. If that's not bad enough, they probably aren't talking to each other about the ads they plan to run in that space, and then end up again competing with each other.

Your organization could be better served by identifying key service lines to promote, then funneling resources across the organization to those service lines. After management buys into this concept, how can marketing teams implement it?

The hard work comes in identifying all of your existing marketing tactics. By breaking down the silos, you may discover that some awesome tactics are already within reach. From there, you can identify any tactical gaps, and make a strong case for investment in new tactics by being a good steward of existing resources. And the best part is that now you can deploy those tactics to align with your business strategy.

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Katie Gilmore